Adequate water shortage hits former Gambia VP’s hometown

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: A video showing a yellowish water coming from a purported Gambia water and electricity power-house, Nawec, stand tap in the country’s former vice president Ousainou Darboe’s home town of Bansang commercial town of Bansang went viral on social media creating panic.

Several audios were later shared in whatsapp groups by people appealing for support to address the matter now as they said they are now resorting to paying people to bring water for them in gallons from a nearby hand pump for their household activities and drinking.

But a senior Nawec official who preferred to remain anonymous, had denied the situation, saying the Bansang water is clean and drinkable. “We have sent a team to Bansang and they have established that nothing had happened with the water.”

The official said he performed absolution at the Bansang Nawec office today but nothing was wrong with the water. “The same water tank that supplies Bansang is the same one supplying the Nawec office there,” he told Eye Africa.

Some of the sources Eye Africa spoke to believe that the changing coloration of the water was due to a polluted water level which, we could not yet confirm. “Even if the water look clean when it is fetched, the colour will soon change as it there is iron in it,” a resident told Eye Africa on Sunday.

Last month, water shortage hit Tankong Kunda, a small village near Bansang the only local hand pump that is in the village went apparently dry due to continuous fetching which they said have been causing health implications on the people, who are dominantly poor people to cater for their family fending and hospital bills.

A source told Eye Africa that the current water situation in Bansang is something that the government and humanitarian organisations must stand to address before the situation turn into full-blown water crises.

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