Adama Gassama alleges that her husband was killed by witch-hunters Connection

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Adama Gassama, a native of Essau and survivor of Gambian former President Yahya Jammeh’s 2009 witch-hunting exercise said her husband -Nata Camara- died as a result of the concoction he was forced to drink by Mr Jammeh’s witch-doctors.
Testifying before the truth-seeking commission –TRRC- at its Wednesday public hearing in Essau, Mrs Gassama extensively explained events that led to her arrest, and that of her husband by the witch-hunters, saying they were forcefully dragged out of their home and taken away.
She said they came to pick her husband on the pretext that he was going to be cured but he -her husband- insisted on not going because he was not sick and sees no reason to take medicine from anyone.
“While the confrontation between my husband and the men in mirror ordained red dresses was going on, I came out to find out what was happening, and as my  husband insisted on not going, the men forcefully pulled him out and asked me join them and they took us to the village Bantaba,” she narrated.
Mrs Gassama said they were later taken to ‘Fort Bullen’ in Barra, where they spent few hours and later proceeded to Kololi at the late Baba Jobe’s compound, where they were given concoction to drink. “When we arrived, we were given food but I did not eat it. My husband was dragged out late at night, tortured and left outside.  When I heard him shouting, I came to help him but I found him in a very bad state,” she added.
She said they were again given the concoction to drink the next day which badly affected her health condition, adding that her husband too was maltreated for the second time by the same men, which negatively affected his health condition.
She said after spending two days at their detention center, they were later release after her daughter’s friend intervene who help to facilitate their release.
According to her, since their release, she and her husband’s health continue to deteriorate after drinking the concoction at the abduction center. She said her husband’s condition was more serious which led to his demise.

Story written by Amadou Kanteh

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