Abidjan woman turns passion for jewelry into successful business

EYEAFRICA TV: Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire: A woman in the West African nation of Cote d’Ivoire has turned her passion for jewelry into a growing business, attracting both foreign and local customers.
Working from the capital Abidjan, Zekkelle Flaure Mirielle, or Mimi, makes sure each piece in her jewelry line is precious.
“Some customers bring us diamonds to be mounted on with African pearls. But for this type of order, I don’t make it here, I make them at home instead,” said Mimi, who owns a store called Mimi and her pearls.
Her attention to details, careful and fine craftsmanship, along with her unique design have gained her customers from all over the world.
“Mimi is a must when we come to Abidjan. Me and all my friends, we always come to Mimi for pearls. She has seduced us with all her beautiful creations,” said Morgane, a customer from France.
“All that she does is pretty. She knows how to value the culture and other things, and shares things from west Africa with others,” said Angel Dogbatase, a customer from Togo.
A lot of Mimi’s works portray the huge diversity and variations in the African women.
“From complexion, shape and size, African women are so different from each other. This is my motivation as it inspires me to make unique things for each customer,” she said.
Mimi hopes to one day create a school to help others learn her craft.

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