"A rule for one is a rule for all or there is no rule" Says Sey

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Eye Africa’s diplomatic and security analyst Essa Bokar Sey says where one rule is applied on a person, the same rule should be applied to all or there will be no rule at all.
He made this during a panel on Eye Africa TV concerning the relieving of Gambia’s former Interior Minister Mai Ahmed Fatty, Mr. Sey said nobody knows the intelligence gathered before President Barrow’s desk that led him take the decision to sack Mr. Fatty. He said people were made to believe for the past months that Barrow’s government is a coalition but when it comes to state functionality and the state in which the Gambia is currently in, it is a transitional government, saying that being the case; actions taken by the President such as this are actions that would not be differed or discouraged.
“I, therefore, respect every decision or action taken by the president and he will also respect any decision taken by Mr. Fatty, especially if he decides to go and continue leading his party.”
On diplomatic Service, Mr. Sey said there is much left to be desired as compared to the former regime where people used to be redeployed in the diplomatic service or foreign service. As an analyst, he emphazised that the diplomatic service “cannot be a recycling place for people. infact, it should be occupied by the best of the best”.
According to Mr. Sey, diplomatic service serves as a window of the country in the outside countries.
Last Friday, acting under the provision of Section 71 (4) (b) of the country’s constitution, President Adama Barrow relieved Mr. Mai Ahmed Fatty of his appointment as Interior minister and said he will now be redeployed to diplomatic service. The country’s Attorney General and minister of justice Abubacarr M. Tambedou has since been given the responsibility to oversee the Ministry of Interior.
Mai Ahmed Fatty, who is the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress has handled the interior ministerial post for the past ten months. His party is one of the eight parties that formed the coalition government that won the December 2016 Presidential election ending the 22-year rule of former president Jammeh.
Mr. Fatty was one of the most talked about and the most influential persons in the coalition government during his tenure in office.

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