9 Bafuloto Residence Released on Bail

Seven residence of Bafuloto who were held by the police for more than a month for their alleged participation in last month protest at Bafuloto have been released on bail earlier this evening.
The Imam Ratib and Alkalo of the village were also added onto the seven men yesterday when they went to the Brusubi Police Station to negotiate for the possible release on the seven. They are said to have been held in detention for more than twenty-four hours.
This brought the total number of detainees to nine.
Last month, some young people from Bafuloto protested against a demolition order of buildings at a settlement between Farato and Bafuloto. The order, according to sources was given by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court in a judgment. The protest led to damage of properties.
The village’s Alkalo and Imam Ratib are said to have visited the police station yesterday to negotiate for the release of the seven detained young people but were themselves detained there.

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