State House Press Director debunks Barrow sending religious leaders on 3-year campaign tour

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, The Gambia: Press and public relations Director at State House has falsify on Friday that President Adama Barrow is preparing to send members of the country’s Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) and Banjul Muslim Elders on a nationwide tour to campaign against his 3-year mandate.
Amie Bojang-Sissoho told Eye Africa that President Barrow was aware of the religious leaders nationwide tour but denied that they were sent by the president.
Earlier Friday morning, Eye Africa obtained a tour programme guide that suggest to have been prepared for the religious leaders nationwide engagement.
In the programme guide, the religious leaders are scheduled to commence the tour from 6 to 10 October, where they will meet with Imams and other religious leaders in all the regions to help convince the mases to forget about the 3-year mandate as agreed with the coalition leaders before the 2016 election.
Our source close to the presidency and the purported entourage indicates that the trip will cost close to 10 million dalasi.
Former President Yahya Jammeh has been using religious leaders during his regime to boost his support from the people by offering them with pleasantries, cash and kind which came to increase religious involvement into politics.
President Adama Barrow came under pressure when several Gambians, including groups begin to ask him to step down at the end of his three years in office this December, by respecting his agreement with the eight-member party coalition leaders before the 2016 general election.
In a 27 August meeting with West Coast Region council of elders at State House, President Barrow said his mandate is five years and he will complete it because there are unfinished works he needed to take care of. “Except that I make my decision and later change, my mandate is five years and I will complete it because there are unfinished works,” he said.
Mr. Barrow and leaders of the eight political parties that formed the coalition that brought him to power in 2016, had a three-year mandate agreement for the president before they can all go back to their parties. But it is now appearing that the agreement is not honoured by all the parties as there is no visible serious campaign against it yet.

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