43 Traders in Kigali fined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry for hiking up prices in the wake of the Coronavirus

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali Rwanda: 43 Traders in Kigali City have been fined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry for hiking up prices in the wake of the Coronavirus and some were even forced to refund customers their money after being found to sell goods at inflated prices.

Traders found to inflate Rice and Sugar prices were found in Places like Nyabugogo and other parts of the City; many caught because of the receipts that they gave their customers that blatantly showed the price hikes.

Arguments broke out as traders at first refused to admit that they were pushing up prices, but later recanted their stories, even refunding angry customers the extra money they had charged, incurring fines in the process.

Other malpractices found included not clearly displaying the prices of commodities so that they could change them as they saw fit, and issuing receipts with different amounts than what customers actually paid for products.
“All of these traders along this line were hiking up prices how they saw fit, hiding their commodity prices and victimizing customers. Such offenses result in fines of between 20,000 and 5 Million Frw. These offenses fell in fine ranges of between 50,000 and 300,000 Frw,” said Dative Mukaniyonzima(woman), MINICOM Trade Officer.

Essential food products were the ones found to be especially hiked up when it comes to prices, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry will continue sending out officers to surprise traders across the country with inspections to root out those committing offenses.

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