30 Students takes Control of UN Mission in S. Sudan in Celebration of Day of the African Child

EYEAFRICA TV: Juba, SOUTH SUDAN: To celebrate the Day of the African Child, 30 students from schools across South Sudan’s cspital, Juba took control of the UN Mission in the world’s newest country’s Radio Miraya.
The students aged between 15 and 18 hosted the radio’s prime time shows such as the Morning Breakfast Show and the Drive Time. They read the news in English and Arabic, and were trained in photography and videography.
Radio Miraya broadcasts can be listened to across three quarters of South Sudan. The students shared their views on the challenges faced by children in South Sudan, steps can be taken to eliminate their plight, and the need to ensure that the rights of children are realized.
Maha Ibrahim Akasha, 15, said she enjoyed spending the day at the radio station and loved the fast pace that journalists work in.
Student at St. Daniel Comboni, the teenager said, “I used to feel like being a Doctor but from the time I entered Miraya its like great pressure to me to be a journalist and to work very busy. It’s very nice to go, to come, to be on-air, to be the master of the show. Very nice!”
Maha urged all children in Africa to work hard to achieve their dreams and not to give up. “Feel it; it is your day. It’s the only day given to us and our year once to be ours only. You feel it. You enjoy it. You have to say I’m here. Even if you have a talent, don’t actually hide it. Put it on the table so that you work on it to bring the best out of it and work on yourself. Achieve your dreams. Don’t give up.”
The children were graced by the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary–General for the South Sudan mission who had a one on one live interview with Ayat Dominic who is a student at the Lighthouse Secondary School. He told the children that the United Nations was there for them. “We are here every day for you. Not just one day.”
Ayat Sandra Dominic had the special privilege to conduct a one-on-one interview with Mr. Shearer, on the rights of children in South Sudan and the mandate of UNMISS on the protection of children.
Ayat said she was honored to be the one to conduct the interview. She wanted to say this to her fellow South Sudanese peers.
Student at Lighthouse Secondary School, Ayat said, “They need to know that education is the only key to success. Education will make them to build their nation and stop all the violence and corruption that takes place now and we hope will end as soon as possible.”
The Students all had a good time and say they are looking forward to celebrating the day of the African Child next year.

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