2nd outbreak of COVID-19 unlikely to occur in China: expert

EYEAFRICATV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China: A second outbreak of COVID-19 is unlikely to occur in China, said an expert who has been working on the frontline in the fight against the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province and also the epicenter of the epidemic in China during a press briefing held in Beijing on Monday.

Cao Wei, deputy director and associate chief physician of the department of infectious diseases at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and a member of the expert panel invited by the State Council Information Office to share their experiences in the fight against the pandemic, made the comments during the press conference.

“Currently, after three months’ fight, the outbreak in China which started from last year’s December, has almost seen its end and I think we will still wait for another month to see and make the final judgment. But for me, a second outbreak, domestic outbreak I mean in China, wouldn’t be a great concern, under such measures of prevention and control. But we all know that another important source of newly onset cases now come from the imported ones, the imported patients from outside China. So it is most probable that the newly reported cases including the imported ones may be kept at a relatively low level, but may last for a certain period of tim,” Cao said.

Du Bin, professor and doctor of medical ICU, believes the key for combating the virus lies in the control and prevention measures.

“The most important thing when we are talking about, when we are combating the infectious diseases, such as the COVID-19, is to prevent and to control the disease rather than treatment. Treatment is only secondary, prevention and control is primary effect that you can take and you can learn from. You must have plan. Actually, failure to prepare is preparedness for failure,” said Du, who is also president of the Chinese Association of Critical Care Physicians.

With the COVID-19 quickly spreading around the world, the experts also took some time to share some words of advice to their foreign colleagues in face of the virus in their countries.

“The first is, the doctors, you should take good care of yourselves from the coronavirus infection, because this is a precondition for you to take care of patients. Also it is a precondition to protect your colleges and your family. My second point is the public should be educated widespreadly to protect themselves. The measures are not so complicated, just wash hand, wear mask and avoid gathering, etc,” said Yan Xiaowei, professor and deputy chief at the department of internal medicine of the same hospital.

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