Medical teams leave Wuhan’s Leishenshan Hospital as epidemic eases

EYEAFRICA TV: Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Central China: The Leishenshan Hospital in central China’s Wuhan, the worst-hit Chinese city by COVID-19, bid farewell to 1,090 medical workers from other parts of China on Sunday as the pandemic continues to ease in the city.

The medical workers are from six medical teams sent to Hubei by China’s Shanghai Municipality and five other provinces of Liaoning, Jilin, Shanxi, Hebei and Guangzhou.

Some of the team members arrived on Feb. 9 and have been working in Wuhan for 50 days before Sunday’s departure. The hospital held a heartwarming farewell ceremony for the leaving medical workers on Sunday and showed appreciation with gifts and souvenir badges.

“I will bring this back and frame it to commemorate the time we spent with Wuhan people fighting the pandemic together,” said a medical worker from northeast China’s Jilin Province after receiving the gifts.

“This is a jacket specially made for us by the Leishenshan Hospital. It has the name of each of our team members on it, which is very precious,” said medic Jiang Kai from Shanghai.

The most gratifying thing for all the leaving medical workers is that the treated patients can be discharged and the epidemic can be effectively controlled.

“We have the epidemic under control now. The final victory is not far away. So we are very excited,” said Shang Dong, leader of the medical team from Liaoning’s Dalian City. The number of patients at Leishenshan Hospital has dropped to 200 from a peak of more than 1,300, and 12 of the hospital’s 32 wards have been closed.

After seeing off the 1,090 colleagues, the remaining 1,800 medical workers will continue their fight in the frontline. “It has not been easy for us to go this far in the battle against the virus. These warriors have made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties and usher in the dawn,” said Yuan Yufeng, vice president of the Leishenshan Hospital.

The Leishenshan hospital is a field hospital built in Wuhan in 10 days to receive COVID-19 patients during the peak of the outbreak.

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