2 top officials confirm resignation at Gambia OIC

EYEAFRICA TV: Two senior officials of The Gambia OIC Secretariat have confirmed their resignation Monday evening, at a crucial time when Gambia lost it’s already won bid to host the 2019 OIC Heads of States Submit and looking ahead to hosting it next year.
Chief executive officer Lamin JK Sanneh and head of communication and branding, Nyang Njie handed their resignation on Monday, with Mr. Sanneh, whose resignation letter was seen by Eye Africa TV, justifying his decision as furtherance to the cancellation of his secondment to the government of The Gambia by his employee.
The OIC Gambia Secretariat was established as a charitable organization under the Companies Act of The Gambia 2013. It is under the president’s office to coordinate preparations for Gambia’s hosting of the 2019 OIC summit this November, which failed.
“Whatever you do in life you have to take decision. In life, you have to do what should be done and take the right decision and move on,” political analyst and the secretariat’s head of communication and branding Nyang Njie told Eye Africa TV. But he said his resignation was a personal decision and it will remain as that.
Mr. Sanneh said in his resignation letter that to ease the transition after his departure, he is happy to assist with a notice period from 11th to 20th September, to facilitate a proper handing over to his successor.
Many people have suggest that the two top officials resigned following President Adama Barrow’s appointment of Yankuba Dibba as the secretariat’s deputy CEO last week.

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