15 people punished for failing to respect measures to fight the spread of the Coronavirus

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwandan: 15 people in Musanze District of the Northern Province have been fined a collective amount of 165,000 Frw because of failing to respect the movement restrictions in place to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. One of the 15 was fined up to 50,000 Frw for the violations.

Like in Kigali City, local residents in Musanze District had to explain to security organs why they had left their homes on Tuesday, and most were Vendors going to the local market to sell their food products.

The Market itself did not appear to be respecting any of the guidelines issued by authorities on how to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus, with so much overcrowding; it was as if no one was aware of the threat the virus currently poses. Provincial Authorities say the issue is being dealt with.

“We have made progress on the matter of the Musanze Market. We agreed that another older Market is to be reopened to split up the vendors, those with different food staff; in order to reduce overcrowding here. That will also drive some of the customers to the other market; because we can’t tell the local residents to buy food in shifts, it would require more self-restrain than they have,” said JMV Gatabazi, Governor of the Northern Province.

Though the directives are largely being respected, there are always exceptions and one man, was found to be selling beer in his shop, with customers sitting right there and drinking; resulting in a 50,000 Frw fine.

Governor JMV Gatabazi stressed that all people putting the lives of others at risk behaving in that way will not be tolerated. 15 people in Musanze District have so far been fined a total of 165,000 Frw for violating the restrictions in place.

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