Rwanda revises national budget stands at 3.017 trillion RWF

EYEAFRICA TV: Kigali, Rwanda: Rwanda revised national budget for the 2019/2020 fiscal year now stands at 3.017 trillion RWF, as its new bill was passed by parliament on Monday. More than half of the money will be internally sourced from within the country.

The new bill rates the national budget by 140.1 billion RWF compared to the old that was passed in June last year, and the revision comes about. As a result, several factors the most important being the current state of the economy and the implementation rate of the Government’s National Strategy for Transformation.

“In general the increase will help implement different programs that include paying new doctors, and those who will be promoted; the financing of new embassies in Accra – Ghana, Rabat – Morocco and Doha in Qatar; as well as government institutions such as the new Ministry of Internal Security and so that the new institution in charge of water can get operating money. There is also the increase of money in the Community Health Insurance Scheme, the distribution of milk and other nutritious foods as part of the Early Childhood Development Program and more financing for infrastructure development at sports facilities that will host CHAN and Basketball Tournaments,” said Dr. U.Ndagijimana, Minister of Finance & Economic Planning of Rwanda.

Sourcing from tax collection and other revenues will increase by 33.3 billion RWF, up from 1.5358 trillion RWF and by 42.4 billion RWF up from 190.4 billion respectively.

Funding from international donors will fall to 403 billion, down from 409.8 billion.

124 billion of the revised budget will go towards regular expenses like salaries and the running of new embassies as mentioned by the minister; while the remaining 13 bllion goes directly to development projects.

Some concerns were, however, expressed by parliamentarians over the allocation of the funds.

“We need to start looking into this again because there is no way Primary and Secondary Schools can get 37% of the money that goes to Institutions of Higher Learning. I believe the Commission should look into this and also why we deducted 1.5 Billion; because we know that there are issues that need to be addressed, things like the construction of classrooms and overcrowding in existing ones. I must insist saying that next year’s budget must be in line with the sort of development the country has committed to,” said Hon Theogene Munyangeyo, parliamentarian.

“When we look at the Presentation we were given, our mineral resources are dropping in value on the International Market. I must wonder why and also what is being done to rectify the situation so that e can benefit from that sector as Rwandans. All of the Mineral Resources you spoke about have low prices,” said Hon Christine Muhongayire, parliamentarian.

The bill will be back in the Parliament’s General Assembly on Wednesday after passing through its Standing Committee on Public Finance and Assets for further amendments if necessary.

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