Turkish 95th Anniversary Opens Direct Flight To Banjul

Monday, October 29th, 2018

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: On the occasion of its 95th independence anniversary, the government of Turkey through the Banjul Embassy has committed to expand bilateral relation with the Gambia, this time in the aviation industry.

The Turkish Ambassador to the Gambia, İsmail Sefa Yuceer said this evening in a reception organized by the Banjul embassy marking the country’s 95th Anniversary of self rule, that the Turkish Airlines would start to operate twice a week direct flights from Istanbul to Banjul starting November 26.

The Proclamation of Turkey as a republic took place on the 29th of October 1923 under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk whose vision for a prosperous and democratic country still guides the nation.

The date making the end to the rule of the Ottoman Empire is considered the greatest symbol of peace and stability for Turkish.

I strongly believe that the direct flights will not only increase people to people interaction and business relationship between Turkey and the Gambia but also will further connect the Gambia through the hub of Istanbul with the rest of the world”, says ambassador Ismail.

He stated that the initiative signifies the growing trend of relationship between Ankara and Banjul in all spheres of friendship and brotherhood.

“All the year round, reciprocal visits from public and private sectors of both countries, on various occasions further contributed to the already existing good relations between our two countries”, he said.

New Airport

As part of the independence celebrations in Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presided over the inauguration of the first phase of the new Istanbul Airport which seeks to be the world’s largest upon completion in the next few years.

The new airport which lie on shores of the Black Sea has annual capacity of 90 million passengers with two runways including three separate airstrips.

According to his administration, Istanbul’s new airport is set to become a global aviation hub by hosting more than 100 airlines and flights to over 300 destinations around the world.

It is anticipated that the new airport will reach annual capacity of 200 million passengers with the completion of all four phases with six runways.

OIC Summit

The show of commitment of good ties between the two countries is coming at a time when the Gambia busy on plans to host the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) Summit November next year.

Historically, travelling to and from Turkey will require a few transits such as via Dakar, and Casablanca.


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