‘Stronger Turkey would be to the benefit of EU’

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

EYEAFRICA TV: Istanbul, TURKEY: A “stronger, more stable and prosperous” Turkey is to the benefit of the EU, said the country’s ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party’s deputy chairman.

“Our main message is: Europe and Turkey have common interests. A more strong, stable, prosperous and democratic Turkey is to the benefit the EU,” Cevdet Yilmaz told Anadolu Agency.

“Likewise, a more prosperous, developing and strong Europe is for the benefit of Turkey,” he added.

Yilmaz said the EU has mainly focused on the domestic affairs due to xenophobia, racism and global crisis.

He asserted that Turkey wants to keep “positive” ties with the EU in the upcoming period and that is why the country meets both the member countries and EU institutions.

Turkey applied for EU membership in 1987 and accession talks began in 2005. However, negotiations stalled in 2007 due to the objections of the Greek Cypriot administration on the divided island of Cyprus, as well as opposition from Germany and France.


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