NRP Leader Slams Bar Association President

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019


EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: The national reconciliation party (NRP) today held a press conference at their party bureau on kairaba avenue. The press conferences held annually to brief the press and the public on their ongoing and future activities.

Speaking at the press conference the party leader and minister of tourism honourable Hamat NK Bah expresses his disappointment on the statement of the president of the gambia BAR association on the creation of youth movements in the country. He said that statement was a disturbing one and they expect the gambia BAR association to upheld the constitution as it supports the creation of youth movements. And continue to uphold the gambia constitution as they did in 2016 when former president jammeh refuted to relinquish power.

He added that the independence of the BAR association should be questioned because a member of parliament and a party leader have raised concerns on the barrow youth movement and the BAR association should answer the question whether they are supporting those parties. He continued they want answers from the BAR association or they will take appropriate measures to seek redress at the courts.

Mr Bah emphasized that  the APRC party should focus on the revelations of the TRRC and think about what to explain to Gambians on their 22years leadership. He added the revelation of the TRRC will lead many people to leave the country. He added the TRRC is just at its inception and that when the November 11 1994 and farafenni attack is dealt with, the perpetrators will be unveiled and thus will prompt some Gambians to leave the country on their own discretion.

The National Reconciliation Party was founded in 1996 by Hamat Bah as part of his intention to run for the presidency. He finished third in the 1996 presidential election. 2 NRP NAMs were elected in the 1997 parliamentary election. In the 2001 presidential election, Bah came third. The NRP was part of the Coalition 2016 for the 2016 presidential election, where Adama Barrow was declared the coalition’s candidate and subsequently won.


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