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Economic Crime trial: GP Has no Laboratory to Test Products Says PW2 


EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: The Depot Supervisor and Acting General Manager told the high court on Thursday that Gam Petroleum does not have a standard laboratory to carry out proper analysis of products.

During cross-examination in the economic crime trial involving two of his former bosses, Saihou Drammeh and Lamin Gassama, Mr Touray said because of the unavailability of a standard laboratory, Gam petroleum will send samples for certification.

According to him, after taking samples, products and visual inspector which is carried out to check sediment and particles in the product, they check product density and temperature to detect whether there is water in the product and also conduct colour-rating and carry out a laboratory test to ensure quality analysis

The witness told the court that he worked for Gam petroleum for 12 years from 2012 as a Gantry operator or loader of Tanker trucks and became depot supervisor on December 6, 2018, and claimed the rank of the loading bay.

He said his former office is responsible for loading tanker trucks to date.

According to him, the role of the depot supervisor is to ensure that the entire ground of operations is conducted safely, tanker discharging of the vessels and supervising the tanker loading in making sure they are done properly in line with Gam petroleum requirements.

The acting operation manager further informed the court that the process and system at Gam petroleum have been the same from 2018 to date with the same equipment.

At this point, the defence lawyer asked the acting operation whether from 2010 to date if there is any difference in Gam petroleum operation equipment, process and system between January to October 2021.

The witness in response said GP is up to date having the same process and procedures that have been operated in loading tanker trucks and that have been the same process procedures, Gam petroleum has been operating since 2010 he joined GP.

Adding that the first accused person (Saihou Drammeh) became acting general manager in early 2017 as acting but cannot remember the year or month Mr Drammeh became General Manager.

According to Mr Touray at the time he joined Gam petroleum Michael Girabi was the general manager but could not tell if Mr Girabi operated the same way as Mr Drammeh.

He said Michael Girabi ceased to be the general manager from 2016 to 2017 after the fall of the former Gambian leader, Yahya Jammeh. It’s the time that Saihou Drammeh became the acting general manager.

Mr Touray further informed the court that the second accused person (Lamin Gassama) became the operation manager in December 2019 and before then Mr Amada Bassi commonly called Muhammeh Bassi junior was the operation manager.

Pw2 noted that Amanda Bassi left Gam Petroleum without doing proper handing over to the second accused person and that there was no reconciliation between the physical and the book balance between Amanda Basi and Lamin Gassama.

The Depot Supervisor explained that the Oil marketing companies that he mentioned in court all have trade agreements with Gam petroleum and the relationship between GP and OMCs is based on true code contacts.

He pointed out that all the International traders have inspectors at Gam petroleum and their roles are to inspect the stock of the traders and ensure quality and quantities are maintained for each vessel and make sure the outturn quantity that Gam petroleum received is intact and also monitor the stock.

Mr Touray underscores that between January and October 2021 the various traders have the inspectors at the Gam petroleum ground and the products of various traders coming with one another and have products with the same characteristic and for one know if the products are the same characteristics one has to know the products before knowing the specifications and quantity.

By Mafugi Ceesay

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