EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Gam Petroleum depot supervisor and acting operations manager Monday told the High Court that the company’s total recorded physical stuck of gas oil on 21 October 2021 was 2398.193 liters and the total for gasoline was 3,489,503 liters.

Lamin Touray added that the physical stuck on 25 October was over 89561 and the total for gasoline was 2,234000, 713 litres. He said this shows the uplift difference in total physical stuck on gasoline which was 943,97 litres and total gas oil was 0.00 on November 1, 2021.

Testifying in the economic crime case involving two of his former bosses, Mr Touray takes the crowded court through the rundown of Gam petroleum work processes.

He explained that after the completion of the safety meeting, the Cargo Surveyor will proceed to inspection and measurement during which the measured figure and temperature will be recorded and after the measurement, they will calculate what they measure and confirmed the figures.

Touray further explained that during the safety meeting, they agreed that the loading master will open a communication channel between the ship and the shore after the calculation, and after establishing the communication the loading master will inform the receivers of the situation on board and asked their readiness to receive the products.

He said the receivers will line up by opening the receiving tanks of the products after confirming the receiving tanks are open. The loading master confirmed with the connection team whether they have completed the connection before instructing the chief officer to start pumping discharge, the loading will communicate with the shore whether they started receiving the products.

He said upon receiving the product Gam petroleum will unlock the quantity control which is done by shore representatives and Cargo Surveyor after the measurement, they will convert the measurement heights to volume to volume to establish the out-turned quantities and these tuned quantities will be sent to the second accused and the surveyor will sign the attuned quantities.

Continuing his testimony, Mr Touray told the court that the attuned for Trafigura and ADAX in August and October 2021, two certificates of quantities dated 24th August and 13 October 2021, Gasoline, and gas oil and 7th September and Satugura and 7th September 2021 from ADAX are admitted and marked as P25 1 to 4.

According to Mr Touray, the traders will now start releasing to the OMCs who bought from them and the release orders will be sent via email to both accused persons after releasing the quantities interned transfer will be prepared and signed by the second accused person and will be sent back to the traders and OMCs which they will know what is located to them about their account and the OMCs will know that they received the products in their names and the OMCs will start collecting their products.

He further went on to say that the release quantity will be communicated to the control room to monitor the quantity each OMC needs to uplift based on the release the OMCs will send in their delivery note to the control room which will prepare the loading on the ticket which is the quantity given to them to monitor as well as the delivery note of the quantities.

The acting Operations Manager told the court that the quantity control of the product and followed by tank measurement (DPs) and convert the measured quantities to volume to establish the total.

He added that the quantities will be calculated in the computer to generate the depot stuck statement which will be sent to the accused person’s office for them to know the physical stuck of the tank daily and this will help them know the space and the physical stuck in the tank.

By Mafugi Ceesay



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