Gambia Police warns drivers against defying security controls


EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: Police in The Gambia has asked drivers to distance themselves from defying security controls at checkpoints, warning that this could lead to unwarranted security implications.

The country’s police spokesperson assistant superintendent Lamin Njie said on Friday that the office of the Inspector General is deeply concerned by the act of some drivers who frequently flout traffic rules and defy security control measures.

On July 31, a truck carrying logs failed to stop at a military checkpoint manned by thr ECOMIG forces at Bwiam in Foni Kansala, striking the baffles of the safety device.

Subsequently, three logs dropped-off the vehicle, hitting and causing injuries to an officer of the ECOMIG Company on duties.

The police say in accordance with Section 69 of the motor traffic Act, a person driving a motor vehicle on a road who failed to stop or does not alter his route, on being required so to do by a member of the police force in uniform, commits an offense.

“In this regard, the Inspector General’s Office urges the general public especially drivers to comply with security procedures at checkpoints as failure to do so will result in the application of the full force of the law.”


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