Gambia Military Reacts To Allegations of Naval Incompetence

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

EYEAFRICA TV: Banjul, THE GAMBIA: A day after the Minister of Fisheries and Water Resources alleged that the Gambia has zero capacity to deal with illegal fishing on its waters, the Gambia Armed Forces have reacted with the news of arrested Senegalese vessel for pouching.

During a press briefing at the EU-Office in Bakau, James Furmos Peter Gomez advocated for the signing of a fishing partnership agreement that will allow EU trawlers to fish the river in exchange for youth employment and annual sum of €550, 000.
He noted that, the partnership will help Gambia to control its territorial waters which is being exploited by fishermen usually at night.

The Gambia Armed Forces reacted through its website with news of arrest of a Senegalese vessel identified as GNS Musa Maliya – MV TADORNE (DAK 602) in a sea operation on the 1st of December by the Navy unit.

The army said that the fishing vessel which is now awaiting further action in the custody of the Navy was arrested for fishing below 9 Nautical miles after defying military orders to stop for inspection.

According to the release, it took the army about an hour to intercept the vessel for inspection.
The Navy inspection found out that the MV TADORNE (DAK 602) vessel is licenced to only “to fish above 9 nautical miles” but “her fishing log had recorded that the vessel had previously been fishing within the prohibited zone.”

This news is likely to complicate the proposed fishing deal between Senegal and Gambia which is expected before deputies at the National Assembly.
It is not likely either, that the EU or China will have easy ride over their bids for bilateral network with Banjul in the maritime zone.


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