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EYE AFRICA is a 24-hour ONLINE TV CHANNEL aimed at providing and sharing accurate, important, educative and entertaining news stories in Africa and around the world, most importantly, the developmental aspect that are transforming Africa and Africans.

As Africa continues to be subjected to negative stereotypes by some western media, EYE AFRICA aims to project a more positive image befitting the African continent. With a worldwide viewer base, the Onliine TV Channel is serving as a point of information sharing for people globally. The TV covered several elections in and around Africa such as: The 2014 parliamentary election in Senegal, 2015 General Elections in Spain and the 26th Turkish General Elections in 2015.

Our team of reporters were also accredited to cover Summit, democratization processes in all part of the world Among them Senegal Parliamentary elections, Nigeria 2015 Presidential election, Turkish Presidential election 2015, First and second rounds presidential election of Spain December 2015 and June 2016 respectively, The ongoing United States of America Presidential elections.